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Fire Bricks

Fireclay, High Alumina, Basic and Allied Refractory Bricks
IS-6 Fire Bricks IS-8 Fire Bricks
Super Duty Bricks Sillimanite Bricks
High Alumina Bricks Phosphate Bonded Bricks
Roof Hanger Bricks Fire Tiles/Blocks
All Types of Burner Blocks Chrome Magnesite Bricks
Silicon Carbide Magnesite Chrome
Direct Bonded Magnesite Chrome Magnesite
Alumina Magnesia Carbon Alumina chrome
Mullite – Corundum Corundum
Zircon and Zircon-mullite Alumina – SiC - Carbon
Special Shaped Bricks as per customer specification / Drawing and
* Other grades are available on request.